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Q: How do I register a Group?

A: Login to your existing account from 2021 or create a new account.

If you try to create a new account and you get an error message that this attendee is already registered it means that you already have an account in the system. Request a password reset or email for assistance.

As the Main Contact for the group - select the appropriate designation for your group

  • Group Registration - NE WIC State and Local Staff (enter access code) or

  • Group Registration - Other Agency

You will be asked to indicate whether you yourself are attending the conference

  • Main Contact attending the conference

  • Main Contact NOT attending the conference

Complete your contact and registration information

After you complete your registration select

For each additional attendee, you will select Individual Attendee and then the correct designation

  • NE State and Local WIC Staff (enter access code) or

  • All other registrants

Repeat the above process for each additional person you are registering.

When you are finished adding all of your attendees click the Confirm My Registration box.

Then select the


You will be brought to the payment page.

Please be sure your billing address matches the address on file with your bank. Your credit card will be declined if the addresses do not match.

We do not invoice for purchase order payments. Please be sure that you supply the necessary paperwork to your finance office. 

If you select check or purchase order you will have a remaining balance due and will receive balance due reminders until the actual payment is received.

If you have questions or difficulty completing the process, please reach out to Taryn Point by email or call 866-792-5399 for assistance. Our office hours are 8am -5pm Monday -Friday (eastern time)

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Q: Is there a place for Nursing Mothers to go?

A: Breastfeeding babies under one year old are welcome.

Please respect the learning needs of other participants and care for your baby outside the meeting room if your baby makes either “happy” or “sad” sounds. 

During the conference, you are responsible for the safety of your baby. You are welcome to bring a support person to help care for your baby. We will not be able to provide any meals for your support person. WIC staff must also follow their local agency’s policies in relation to bringing their child to the conference. If there is anything we can do to help better accommodate you, please let us know. If you are not a guest at the hotel, a room will be available to express milk or feed your baby if needed.

Please contact Michele for more information.

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