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September 14 - 15, 2021

WIC Building Our Future: Reflecting, Reconnecting, Resiliency

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

9:00AM CT

Welcome & Opening Remarks


Peggy Trouba, NE WIC Program
Sandra Clark, USDA Regional Office

9:20AM CT


9:25AM CT

Beyond Getting it Done: Sharing our Gifts, Minimizing our Challenges

Expertise, support, patience, and modeling are just a few of the resources that most individuals might need in a typical day at work. Oftentimes we already have what we need, but we are afraid to use it. Sometimes we have what someone else needs, but do not know how to offer it. Or sometimes we can see what we need in someone else but can't bring ourselves to ask for it. Learn how the give and take of shared leadership solves many of these dilemmas and makes us Better Together.


Monica Smith, MA, LPC, RD, Owner, Counseling and Nutrition Services

10:25AM CT


10:35AM - 12:00PM CT

CPA Session
Addressing Childhood Obesity

This presentation addresses the impacts of pediatric obesity, as well as treatment and management of comorbidities. It outlines pediatric obesity impacts on the overall population, as well as within WIC eligible populations. It will provide resources to address pediatric obesity through nutrition education and alternative weight management therapies.


Abigail Phillips RDN, LMNT, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

Clerk & BFPC Session
Virtual Appointments—How Do I Keep Clients Engaged?

In this session, Dr. Heinig will share evidence-based practices that may be used by staff to support and maintain participant engagement during remote appointments.


Jane Heinig, PhD, IBCLC, Director, UC Davis Human Lactation Center, Program Director – Master of Advanced Study Maternal and Child Nutrition

12:00PM CT


1:00PM - 2:30PM CT

CPA & BFPC Session
Virtual Counseling Appointments – More Connected, Less Remote

In this session, Dr. Heinig will share approaches that may be used to create meaningful connections between WIC staff and participants during virtual counseling appointments.

Jane Heinig, PhD, IBCLC, Director, UC Davis Human Lactation Center, Program Director – Master of Advanced Study Maternal and Child Nutrition

Clerk Session
Wish I Hadn’t Said That: The Fine Art of De-escalating Conflict

Have you ever wished you could get a do-over after your words or actions missed the mark? Have you ever been confronted by a participant and longed for the words that would make things better, not worse? Or have you ever seen a name on the schedule and thought "Oh, no, she is always so angry!" Well then, this session is for you. Learn how to take the sting out of misplaced words and how to avoid taking the bait when clients confront with anger or frustration.


Monica Smith, MA, LPC, RD, Owner, Counseling and Nutrition Services

2:30PM CT


2:40PM CT

Early Experiences that Undermine Breastfeeding Confidence

In this session, Dr. Heinig will describe 3 common misleading experiences that may convince new parents that they cannot breastfeed their infants. Dr. Heinig will also share the reasons and physiology behind these normal experiences and tips for staff to support new parents’ confidence in their ability to breastfeed exclusively.


Jane Heinig, PhD, IBCLC, Director, UC Davis Human Lactation Center, Program Director – Master of Advanced Study Maternal and Child Nutrition

4:10PM CT

Closing Remarks

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

9:00AM CT

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders: An Overview of Risk Factors, Symptoms and Resources

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) are not often discussed among parents, caregivers and providers. This leads to shame, guilt and suffering alone, but it does not need to be this way. This session will educate attendees on common symptoms of PMADs, risk factors, screening tools and resources to support people in the perinatal period.

Jennifer Rokeby-Mayeux, CMSW, LMHP, PLADC, PMH-C, Behavioral Health Therapist, Meadowlark Counseling, LLC

10:30AM CT


10:45AM CT

Improving Care for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Conventional wisdom for parents’ states: "Every child is different; Don't compare children." But then again-- some children have developmental disabilities including autism, intellectual disabilities, genetic syndromes, learning disabilities, or emotional /behavioral diagnoses. Many of these problems start to become evident during very early childhood. WIC programs are in a unique position to play a role in developmental monitoring and supporting families in getting their developmental concerns heard and addressed.

Lisa Shulman, MD, Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician, Professor of Pediatrics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Interim Director of the Rose F. Kennedy Children’s Evaluation & Rehabilitation Center at Montefiore

11:45AM CT

PRAMs information 

Jessica Seberger, PRAMS Program Manager

12:00PM - 1:00PM CT

Feeding without the Fuss

Learn the science behind why some children are challenging eaters and discover ways you can help. This session also covers tips and tricks to help make mealtime a more pleasant experience for families.

Cami Wells, MS, RD, Extension Educator - Food, Nutrition and Food Safety, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Nebraska WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Meeting

Join breastfeeding peer counselors from WIC offices across the state to network and share ideas.


Nicole Christensen RD, CLC, the Nebraska WIC Breastfeeding Coordinator.

1:00PM CT


2:00PM CT

Science Behind the WIC Food Package

As mandated by the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act (of 2010), the WIC food package must be reviewed every 10 years and USDA commissions the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM, formerly IOM) to conduct this review. On January 5, 2017 the NASEM Expert Committee completed their most recent review of the WIC food package and published their recommended revisions in a report titled, Review of WIC Food Packages: Improving Balance and Choice: Final Report. Among the criteria for inclusion of foods in the WIC food package was the directive that food packages contribute to an overall dietary pattern that’s consistent with the DGAs for individuals 2 years and older. This session will discuss the process in detail and describe the specific recommendations made by the NASEM committee.

Darlena Birch, MBA, RDN, Senior Public Health Nutritionist, National WIC Association

3:00PM CT


3:10PM CT

Road to Resilience

How do some people overcome, even flourish, in spite of really difficult life circumstances while others feel derailed by even minor changes? The difference is Resiliency, our ability to bounce back from difficult experiences. The good news is that we can develop and build this skill. In this workshop we will talk about qualities of resilient people and offer ideas of how we can grow our resilience muscle to reduce our stress and help us cope with the challenges we face, at work, and at home.

Susan Merwick, LCSW, CEAP, Senior Workplace Consultant, Continuum

4:10PM CT

Closing Remarks, Evaluations, Adjourn

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